måndag 20 maj 2013

Desperately Seeking ... - Evelyn Cosgrave ++

Kate never intended the get-over guy to fall in love with her ... No, Keith was just the lovely fella who was definitely not her type, but would help her feel good about herself while she got over one of the World's Biggest Bastards. However, after the initial shock of hearing herself agree to marry him, Kate reckons that for once she is doing the right thing. A future with a wonderful man who is kind, generous, great in bed, sure to be a model husband and father and who - no mean feat this - can put up with her big mad family, is exactly what she wants. But is it? Because whatever her head might be doing, she can't stop her heart pushing her towards the most surprising - and unsuitable - man she could possibly fall for ...

Denna boken kom aldrig någon vart. Och handlade egentligen inte om nånting. 

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